Thursday, August 30, 2012

An exerpt from A Fat Girl In Therapy, Part 1 of The Fat Girl Trilogy
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When Will The Fat Girl Get The Guy?

We have been programmed by television and movies that no girl is too hot for the funny man. Sitcom after sitcom has portrayed the skinny, sexy woman married to the fat and/or weird looking husband. It seems it’s much more acceptable for the man to ‘overachieve’, but if a fat girl is going to get married it’ll be to a man who’s just as fat as she is. Why can’t women overachieve? We’re funny too. We’re funny, laid back, cool and fun to be around. Hell, I’d gladly put myself in hilarious situations if it meant I had a gorgeous other half.

            There used to be this stereotype that attractive men were self-centered and inconsiderate while fat men were funny and compassionate. I suppose that stereotype still exists on some level, but back in those days the thin stayed with the thin while the fat clung to the fat. We big girls may not have had the GQ husbands, but at least ours remembered our birthdays.

This standard has been around for longer than we may realize. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo were both very attractive people; but poor Ethel Mertz never stood a chance. Since then it has become popular in movies and television for the skinny girls to marry the big men. Funny is the new sexy. Then again, Ralph Kramden did luck out with Alice, so I suppose the concept isn’t all that new, just more prominent.

Now those wonderful, compassionate men are aiming their sights higher and going for the tens. My friend Mel would say that this is yet another thing skinny people have ruined for the fat populous. We can’t obtain underwear models because they’re too superficial and we can’t get the humbled huskies because hot women have suddenly realized their attributes. Does this mean I, a fat girl, am doomed to be alone? Should I just cut out the middle man, adopt a litter of cats and settle into the lonely abyss that will be my golden years?

Or perhaps I should just continue to dream. That seems to be the only thing that gets me moving some days; my dreams. They give me something to look forward to, even though they never come true. Sometimes I feel like my dreams are taking over my life; there’s too many of them and they’re too strong for me to tell what’s real and what’s not anymore. Regardless, I’m going to continue dreaming. That’s my answer for all of you who may have feelings similar to mine. Your dreams might keep your head in the clouds, but they’re also what give you the courage to know you’re worth so much more than what others might want you to believe. Don’t stop dreaming. Hell, maybe one day you really will overachieve, you will hit the jackpot or you will become famous...

Or maybe one day that boy with the bluest eyes and the most perfect smile will tell you how beautiful you really are.

If Ralph Kramden can do it, maybe so could I. Never stop dreaming, my friends.
                                                                                                - Margie

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